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Lunch provided by The Wagon Wheel

Welcome and call to order by Jeremy Rufener, followed by Ethan Stivers leading us in prayer.


Introduction of chamber members and guests

Minutes of Previous Meeting and Treasurer’s Report approved at Chamber Board Meeting

Spotlight Business/Speakers:

  • Bippus State Bank –Patti Bustos stated the bank was established in 1911. They will celebrate their 5th anniversary in Warren on October 22 with ice cream, cookies, and giveaways.  The bank does Elevate grants for local small businesses.  The employees love to participate in the community, and they appreciate being in this community.
  • JH Pottery Works – Josh Heim runs a class-based studio where you can make your own mug or bowl. He’s been in business here for 6 years.  He sells mugs at East of Chicago, JJ’s, places in Bluffton & Indy.  They will be doing a Raku firing on October 30.

New Business

  • Nominating Committee – The Nominating Committee brought the following nominations to the membership to be voted on at the November meeting: Patti Bustos, Melinda Daniels, Krysta Fornal, Kyle Metzger, Tamara Spahr and Tammy Zehner.  Nicole reminded the membership that you must attend half of the meetings in order to vote.

Old Business

  • Scarecrow Festival – Krysta and Kari announced that booth spaces are being filled. UCC will be selling hot dogs, Solid Rock will be selling chili.  They will also have Payne’s and BeeBQ there as additional food vendors.  The next meeting is October 18th at the bakery if anyone would like to attend.
  • Wine Tasting – The Wine Tasting has been moved to February 12, 2022 from 6-9 at Golfo Di Napoli.


  • HCUED – Mark reported that he expects to see unemployment numbers increase temporarily due to supply chain disruptions. They’ve had 8 projects this year totaling 39 MM invested in our community. 
  • HC Council and Commissioner – Terry Miller promoted the Lost Canal Haunted Trail for Boy Scouts. He congratulated Tom Wall for being named the County Commissioner of the Year.  Tom said they received a county achievement award for their work on Victory Noll.  Shelly Septer received the Clerk of the Year and Phil Zahm was named Coroner of the Year.  There have been 16 drug overdose deaths in Huntington County this year. On November 17th Chris Newton and Chad Hacker will have a meeting at Huntington North regarding the drug problem in our community.  Tom spoke of some changes with Wells County Commissioners and he sees Wells & Huntington working together more closely in the future.
  • United Way –Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library is up and running. They have raised enough to fund it for 2 years and would like to raise more to fund for the next 5 years.  Jay & Carlene Peters are this years Campaign Chairs.  Jay has been teaching that literacy starts before kids ever get to school and that’s why the Dolly Parton campaign is so important.  They still need volunteers for their small business campaign blitz.
  • Warren Town Council – They are finishing up the comprehensive plan and will have opportunities for community feedback. Work on the water tower has started.  Marilyn is working on the 10-year financial plan.
  • Historic Warren –This will be the 10th year to have the Holiday Walk and Festival of Trees. It will be November 19th from 5-8.  Entry forms are due October 18th.
  • SSF – Meeting Tuesday at KBC. Festival will be July 2, 3, & 4th.  Fireworks will be on the 4th.   
  • Chamber Gift Certificates – Located at Bippus State Bank. Used to promote shopping in Warren. Available in $5 increments.


2021 Positions:

President – Jeremy Rufener

Vice President – Terry Miller

2nd Vice President – Cheryl Deweese

Secretary – Leah Pursley

Treasurer – Patti Bustos



Rose Broyles 2021-2023 – 1st Term

Cheryl Deweese 2021-2023 – 2nd Term

Jeremy Rufener 2021-2023 – 2nd Term

Josh Heim 2019-2021 – 2nd Term

Jeff Souder 2019-2021 – 2nd Term

Patti Bustos 2019-2021 – 1st Term

Leah Pursley 2020-2022 – 1st Term

Terry Miller 2020-2022 – 1st Term

Kevin Jackson 2020-2022 – 1st Term