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Lunch provided by Kim’s Katered Affair
Prayer led by Paul Burris

Introduction of chamber members and guests
Minutes of Previous Meeting and Treasurer’s Report approved at Chamber Board Meeting

Spotlight Business/Speakers:

  • Family Life Care – Camille Reynolds noted that FLC has been in business for 21 years and serves 11 counties. They have offices in Marion and Berne and serve newborn to end of life. Dr. Wiebe will be retiring next year and FLC currently has all nursing positions open.
  • Rufener Financial – Jeremy Rufener stated he deals with LPL trade and works with bonds, stocks, annuities, 401Ks, long term care planning, social security planning, etc. He grew up in Ohio and went to Huntington University. He previously worked in Washington D.C. and Indianapolis. Before starting his company, Jeremy worked at Edward Jones. Handouts were available.

New Business:

  • Board Nomination Voting – Josh Heim, Jeff Souder, and Patti Bustos elected to Board. Nicole thanked everyone for voting and those on the ballot.
  • Welcome Wagon – Jane Trickle and Tammy Zehner have taken over the Warren Welcome Wagon. The packet in the past usually included business cards and pens.  Businesses were asked to provide goods, services, certificates, etc to add to the packets.  $5 in Chamber Bucks will be included with a list of the businesses who donated. An email has been set up: welcometowarrenindiana@gmail.com.


Old Business:

  • Building Makeover – Building makeover is still underway. Talked to town and KBC and both parties agreeable for Chamber Meetings to be held at KBC from now on.  This is a good problem as we have outgrown the Annex.
  • Scarecrow Festival –Krista Fornal mentioned it was a great event and was still able to be held outside. Chili Cook-off raised $300 and Hayride raised $100.
  • Budget – The committee met and the Board will review proposed budget. Members will vote next month on budget.


  • Downtown Park – Jeff Souder noted that he purchased 2 signs under budget. Signs worked great during gospel concert.
  • HCUED – Mark Wickersham thanked Jeff and Brian for serving on the board. New building is going up north of town and there is still more land available. It has been a good year for industrial development.
  • HC Visitors’ Bureau – Jessica stated they are slowing down, but are promoting small town Christmas events.
  • HC Community Foundation – Michael Howell stated that the4 finalists for scholarships have been submitted to ICI, which is a state wide committee that meets and approves every Lily Scholar. Grants committee meets upcoming Monday and Foundation received a private donation of $200,000.
  • HCCSC Board – Brian Warpup mentioned that they broke ground last week in Roanoke for new elementary school and that they will start to remodel Huntington North next summer. There are around 294 students at Salamonie.
  • United Way – Joy Koch noted they were busy with campaign and wrapping up the small business portion, goal for this campaign is $580,000. Thanked businesses and volunteers.
  • Warren Town Council – Ethan Stivers informed that 11th Street will be done by December 1st.
  • Historic Warren – Becky noted that Holiday Walk will be Friday the 16th from 5-8 pm.
  • SSF – Cheryl DeWeese noted that next meeting is next Tuesday at 6:30 at Civic Center.
  • Creative Arts Outreach – Josh Heim noted they will do soup supper again during Walk at KBC from 4:30-8. Tickets are available at banks, Gebharts, Town Hall, or at door.
  • Beer/Wine Tasting – Jeff Souder stated they have Oak Hill Winery and Bad Dad Brewery for event as well as entertainment for VIP Hour.


Announcements or Additional Comments:

  • KBC/Bread of Life – Rose Broyles invited members to exit through the back as to see the number of winter coats donated by the community.
  • Concession Stand – New foundation is down.
  • Gebhart’s – Josh stated that their Christmas Open House this past weekend was the best yet in 5 years and they still have plenty of Christmas items left for purchase.
  • KBC – Joyce Buzzard stated the new lights were donated.


The next meeting will be held on December 5th.