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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Lunch provided by Subway
Prayer led by Rusty Strickler

 Introduction of chamber members and guests
Minutes of Previous Meeting
Treasurer’s Report

Huntington County Council on Aging – Holly Saunders came to share information on the Huntington County Council on Aging and what services and activities they offer.  The goal of the Council is to keep seniors as independent as possible.  HAT (Huntington Area Transportation) services the full county and is for all ages.  The Homemaker Program is available for seniors and people with disabilities in the county; services include light housework and help around the house for a small fee.  The Council offers foot care at their facility one time per month as well as insurance counseling and many activities.  The center is located at 500 MacGahan St in Huntington.

Business Spotlight – iAB

  • Will Thatcher, the Regional President of what will soon be 1st Merchants Bank started off by thanking the community for their business. He stated that iAB gave around $7,000 to $8,000 a year back to Warren and that 1st Merchants will continue to do so. On November 10th, all computers will sync with 1st Merchants and the branch in Warren will be able to service 1st Merchant customers. 1st Merchants will continue to be a community bank and all staff from iAB that assisted customers has been retained.

Old Business:

  • Website/Social Media – Nicole Johnson stated that the website is now ours and the site has been moved to the new host. Website is all up to date and spotlight businesses will be featured.

New Business:

  • Flavors of Fall – Rosie asked for volunteers to help out with the Flavors of Fall event at the golf course on September 16th.
  • Scarecrow Festival – Rose asked for volunteers to help out with the festival as well as a chair person.
  • Warren Creative Arts Outreach – Josh Heim stated that there were 96 entries from the art show at Salamonie Summer Festival. This group was formed shortly after and will have 3-4 events per year and will get the surrounding communities involved as well.  The group plans to “piggyback” off of other events, check out their Facebook page for more information.


  • HCUED – Mark Whickersham stated that the Lieutenant Governor from the State came for the site certification announcement for the property by the Huggy Bear. He thanked the board for their help and said the event was a great success. OKRA named the site as PRIME and it is the only PRIME site in NE Indiana, which helps to interest more developers in the property by saving them time and money.
  • HC Chamber – Steve Kimmel mentioned The Learning Center offers CTEC classes. Last year The Learning Center serviced 158 high school students and 63 adults.  This year, they currently have 145 students and 43 adults.  A welding class will be offered this fall.
  • HC Commissioner – Tom Wall noted that roads are continuously being worked on. State Road 9 to the dairy farm was fixed last year and this year, they are targeting New Dawn Dairy road.
  • HCCS Board – Brian Warpup stated they will send about 96 kids from Lancaster to Salamonie.
  • United Way – Joy Koch mentioned they have kicked off 15 pacesetters and that Adam Fusselman will be the chair person. Sprint Triathlon will be held August 12 at the YMCA.
  • Warren Town Council – Ethan Stivers announced that the next meeting will be August 14 at 5 pm at the Annex.
  • Historic Warren – Becky Souder stated that November 17 will be the Festival of Trees. Rose thanked the Souders for their help with the grant worth $45,200 for the new park.
  • Salamonie Summer Festival – Cheryl DeWeese thanked everyone for their help and stated the next meeting will be August 14 at 6 pm at the Knight Bergman Center.
  • Boys and Girls Club – Will be enrolling kids at the first day of school at Salamonie.

Jeff Souder reminded volunteers to keep watering the plants in town.

There were 45 members and guests in attendance at the August meeting.  The next meeting will be held on September 6.